Taoyuan scene only be in heaven!

The autumn has been taken away by the beautiful leaves, but can not take away my share of beautiful memories. Burberry bags, burberry ties, burberry watches cheap on sale. The love between us, like tea, the more products the more alcohol is Zhaohuaxishi always better, we are now with the memories of that happy to get time.

Birthday celebration, mutual expression: that day, we invited the elite of our classes to attend, held in place in the Min family, we dress up her house, balloons, streamers everywhere. The food is very tasty, tomato soup, Pork, chop pepper fish, good. Bought a cake, Kang Yu, strong even have to buy a notebook, but Liu prefer Xu, Jun bought a Bear, there are a lot of presents, very fine. After eating, Liu and strong to stay inside the dark room, in fact, Xu used to be like Liu, now do not know how they stayed inside what had happened, but said a few words. Juan and Yu do not know when good, they secretly sit on the shore and enjoy the river fish, and those who do not know the names of wild flowers, everything is very calm, they are so happy. At that time, sensitive and clean, good or poor, after all, we are single! Jun is a good man she helped us to work, do not know which, actually bought a rubber band, So we jumped up and Swallow fly 5 Elder brother, chase, Kang chasing small purple,,,,,, so we spent the day, the sunsets have been scattered on the earth, good is not willing, we silently waved to them farewell. Day time.

Meteor shower, basement: particularly like meteor showers, day four of our people can not go to cram later teacher scolded, but we are very happy. A little game, I remember now, sensitive home has a basement, where very dark, pitch5 refers to only one point of light to enter from the hole. A total of eight people in, initially, we are very shy, and do not know what to do, but then we which have been in love, Liu suddenly have an idea, that is, we push each other to listen to her, we all thought it was interesting We worked hard to push, do not know when to scream, is Juan, she seemed to hit the buildings, is really interesting, but then, Lu also hit her, too embarrassing. Push which I do not know, accidentally hit the cement, my hands hurt, bleeding, but no more than big, then I know that it is the maple, he hit a sensitive, seems to be, maple like her I do not know which push me, I bumped into Liu, and thus, in which a burst of laughter, a scream, especially interesting, pushing not know how long, we come up with fluorescent paper folding paper cranes, which suddenly bright, too beautiful, we slumped on the inside, do not want to go out, in which the promise of a wish, now, you remember what happened inside, carefully recall, you have a lot of feelings .

Roses floating, silhouette oblique: the time is elongated, hurry we have the first two days, everything becomes quickly. Yu and Juans love has also been little progress, was a spring and early summer when the sun is already some strong, but the wind is still very pleasant. Yu and Lu came here to play, we all know what they doing, but our lips do not speak today, we do a lot of things, we ask them to hand. Initially, Juan is the very reluctance to, but after the instigation of Liu desperately, she rose like that roadside shy, Yu is a very sunny boy, he was very much have the courage. In order to create a romantic atmosphere to them, we came up with a lot of ways, I see there are a lot of sawdust, had an idea to use them, I drew one after another on the road of love, some small, very cute and beautiful, burberry bags Liu Min will that rose planted, as they stood on both sides of the road, the hands of many petals, everything is ready. Juan and Yu in hand, step on the heart I drew the face of Juan hint of shyness, another hint of sweetness to show it. The wind gently blowing, Juan carry forward up against the sun, is so happy. Rose from the rain in the sky, the trace of fragrance filled out. Gods approval, two white butterflies around them dancing, all right like a painting. Now, everything has changed, I hope you will find her soul mate.

Moonlight dance, sweet: This is my secret, did not want to say, but to mention. Vaguely remember, she and I, along with walking in the dark on the road, and only the crescent moon glowing a little bit of light. Me and her on that day first hand, my heart, then jump so badly, but in retrospect was very happy.

The advent of spring, romance: Once upon a time, the footsteps of the spring has been unknowingly toward us, a light rain, such as hair, really should be that one day Street light rain run such as cakes. The wind has changed a gentle love like a hand stroking our cheeks, taking advantage of this beautiful time, we intend to go to outings, we have prepared all anxiously await the arrival of the weekend. Time to time as if the days feel like years, but we still wait for its arrival. My memory the door opened, I suddenly entered them. Tanaka rape have been opened around the look is a golden ear reminds Jay of chrysanthemum Taiwan, is it, that the scenery is so beautiful, the wind blowing a burst, suddenly the field appearing bursts of waves, and occasionally There are several hard farmers work in the field, walking in the fields, we walked with small steps, breathing kept trained on clean air, march toward the destination. In a tree, we put down to bring things, picked up the deadwood prepare picnic. But we can only potato, fish, meat, but the happiness and joy. The two of us, secretly rape Tanaka in the distance, do not know what they are doing, only to hear one old man shouted: go away, do not step on the dish. I saw they were trying very hard to run. In there to run, here there are two people in the river to scoop the water, talking and laughing, make others envious of jealous hate, do not know which, and even called them, suddenly they are shy, Juan nearly fell into the water Fortunately, the side of the people got hold of her. There are peach trees, some flowering, powder like the little girls cheeks, red as if the day side of the clouds, outside of which, there is the feeling of Tao Yuanming, Taoyuan scene only be in heaven! In order to make the trip more interesting, we brought a lot of ribbon, a a, we will them to the tree, the promise of our good wishes. Ribbons fluttering in the wind, a butterfly walk through in which you are so beautiful here, I remember maple drift bottles, when we all feel very happy, we wrote down one by one desire, be careful on the inside, the fear of being seen, I remember that I wrote I hope we can be admitted to a good high school. Reputation will bottle thrown into the river, we watched it drift away and do not know where it will be blown, migrating to God, to realize www.fashiontoy.com our little desire. Potato baked, we ate very happy.

Now that we have isolated, we are in a foreign land, do not know how you, but I never want you to be happy.