The men lay down their car keys

Hairdrying woman smell a smell of hair, happy and indifferent shrug, take off the big red lace nightgown, got into burberry bags the set of pure white quilt blanket, readily grabbed the phone of the right pillow.

The habit of cleaning up his mobile phone spam. "

Call records, glanced again, delete all.

Inbox: weather, health promotion, friends blessing, and have kept it!

Drafts: "have you, I am the happiest man in the world!" Lucky woman, during the day, he returned to her hair, appears to be rehearsed; The second is the womans home address, identity card number, then save it; wedding last month, according to a pity that the heroine is not you.

"Unfortunately, the heroine is not you" What does this mean Woman bad mood, and suddenly dropped to the freezing point 0C.

Love of four years last month, marriage registration, no car no house no diamond ring, a typical bare marriage tide, just believe they have a pure and beautiful love, the irony! How ironic sentence! Is it also a mockery of marriage

Her nose is an acid, some wet corner of the eye, like the red lace dress, her bold and assertive sexy and without losing the sense of propriety, how can we allow a little bit less of impurities and partial suspect

"Look at this draft, and to explain!" Woman fling the phone, just fell on the bed, the man in front of the computer picked up the phone, looked at the.

"Is a not sent SMS!"

The mans tone to the woman to prove that nothing can explain.

The curiosity of a woman, a womans intuition, sacred love, the woman can not be insult faith, continue to ask: "Prepare To whom"

"I did not and to whom!" Man is like a sincere smile, but in a womans eyes filled with hypocrisy.

Hands the woman pushed the man leaned over the face, "give me a thorough and clear explanation, you know I am not a stingy woman." The woman did not change the volume, but put away the the Jisi gentle and just smell the hair.

Yao Di divorce, children and sick, I wanted to comfort her but then I so say very good, so no hair. "The man is so frank and reckless confessed.

The woman a letter do not want to hum out, carried away, close your eyes, let the tears flow out of the wound, the force of biting.

The heroine is not you! "You" Yao Di, Yao Di is his exgirlfriend, a woman remembers, he had mentioned her secondary school when his girlfriend, when they did not know, even no who held hands, but That is love.

Four years, his gentle and considerate, humorous gentleman, and progressive, hes all OK, such as drifting clouds.

Gentle, will give a woman sent to bless you

His sense of humor when think of another womans face

He work hard is it to another woman

His OK Is it a lie My wishful thinking

The womans thinking the speed of light running, the body is lying there so quiet.

If you can, she did not want to think about.

But her eyes with a small eyelash www.fashiontoy.com silk would not tolerate.

She tried to recall the day he is not around, in fact, only nine to five working day for several hours. She desperately statistics there is no additional expenses, that he does not smoke do not drink, wage cards had been sleeping in her bag.

But her heart is uncomfortable.

"Do not be cranky, I really just want to comfort her, also half a year contact so once, my dear!" The man is not prepared to take advantage of a woman, kissed her cheek.

Woman like a needlelike turned his head, stared at him: "so once I caught it, then you marry her, accompany her to bed is not more to comfort her"

I do not know the mans face.

Woman back to his head, feeling a bit ruthless in their own words, but income is not being paid.

"Did not matter then, my dear, believe me, I just love a" man around, lying on the bed.

Women nonmechanically turned his face away, who I am! I was a few years ago that ignorant little girl I believe that I was an idiot.

Woman, without a word, men also bypass the side, on the bed, the woman pushed the man outstretched arm, men ton of bricks, war four or five of the second leg, a woman shouted: "Do not touch me!"

The men know, perhaps silence better than to explain!

Wait for the dawn, do not leave now, because he was stopping, but always give yourself an account of Read this information, so in the past Selfdeception, it was not me!

Woman is still up early to buy breakfast, did not speak, a man a good wash, as usual, eat breakfast, go out with him, then to a direction, but men and her kiss goodbye, she reluctantly responded with a smile, and feel so awkward!

The man disappeared the moment of bend, she stopped in her tracks, looking upward, look to the sky, blue sky, azure blue, quick as a newly washed off, the white clouds, the mass of a group, like the newly Military. She suddenly a thought flashed, and the end of the world nice! Sneer, took out a cell phone, asked for sick leave, made a decision, like a throw away extremely heavy burden, strides to return home.

Left a note: "my dear, today dinner you do it! Me out to think about our future, I assure you, two or three days I will be back." And then installed two underwear for body movement loaded, still under the mobile phone, leaving the package towards the door, the room looked carefully again, lock the door the moment, bathroom faucet dripping it into the bathroom and tighten faucet.

In Shanghai in April, she was aimlessly walking in the air, vehicle or fast or slow passing from her own footsteps slow, or they open faster He is lagging behind. Windy, it will rain April day, like a womans face, the fickle rain or woman of their own laughter, washing away her thoughts, wet her shell, or say to give her a natural the enjoyment of it!

Even divorce, she knew that a person can also be very exciting, but he would not agree, because he is so obedient.

The woman found the front of the hotel, stopped, flip the eye, check the ID card is in the bag, of course!

Point of the fruit, called lunch, open room, a long time, there is no consumption in the hotel, or a star, she may not want to waste, the computer is the apple, she opened the literary network, chose a "marriage is love grave. "

Sensibility perhaps make a woman bare marriage, and rational to let her run off, and perhaps emotional, rational cross point to let her in tears because of a novella, decided to go home!

This little paragraph in the story, about eight a womans life:

The first one is rich, but her life is empty, the husband has almost become a puppet, her only companionship with pets;

The second is the poverty, all day to worry about the basic necessities of life, her husband was ill in bed, abandons burberry sunglasses her;

The third is the petty bourgeoisie, sometimes happy and sometimes lost, because her husbands temper, good times and bad, so she was tired;

The fourth one is weak, her husband propensity to violence, but she did not leave because her 2yearold son needed her.

The fifth is the strength of her regardless of the occasion, do not care about other people behind the pointing can be hard on her husband.

The sixth is skittish, her husband repeatedly inclusive, her remorse, and ultimately her husband left him;

The seventh is the singles, not lack of men, rose to prove that every day of her Valentines Day;

The eighth is a blind girl, but she knew how to be content, intelligent and considerate husband, and occasionally coming home late, again and again apologize.

The woman did not fastforward a word to read it.

Their lives off, their bodies strong, to please her, she told him to discipline a degree, their patterns of life, their interests, congenial, a woman suddenly felt, and that eight women, she is so happy, but her pure love

Love is selfish, that is the flaw of love, the family is complete, a family life for decades, can be maintained to the last is not a pure love, is love after metamorphosis after the baptism of daily tasks, trivial into the family.

His men perhaps I really have a few acres of land to the woman, but she is his task of the whole sky, fertilization, watering, pruning is she fishes! Why should they care about that small acres of land

Woman back room, playing home, put things back in place, a man opened the door the moment, she quickly put the small piece of paper balled trash screwed up his little eyes, said: "My dear, I forgot to buy dishes! "

The men lay down their car burberry sunglasses outlet keys, a woman forced to crowd in the arms, their voices are choked; "I take a nap when a dream, and dream of you go, how do I can not find you."

The tears of a womans sudden slip or a letter did not hum, but she know that he is so in love with this man, this man cares about her!