In a lot of places in Illinois

The drought center's new report doesn't discount rayban take into account the bit of rain the Chicago area received this week — about 0.55 inch fell at O'Hare International Airport on Tuesday and Wednesday — but it would take 3 inches or more to have made any significant improvement, said drought center climatologist Brian Fuchs. "In a lot of places in Illinois cheap discount oakley sunglasses, this is the worst they remember," said Emerson Nafziger, a professor of crop sciences at the University of Illinois. About 66 percent of the state's corn crop is in poor to very poor condition, according to a report his week from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. In states that are major producers of corn nationwide, about 45 percent of the corn is poor or worse, though the total produced this year won't be known until after September, when harvesting begins, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During the same time last year, only 14 percent of corn crops nationwide were considered poor. "We're sitting here, watching the sky; it looks like it could rain," Nafziger said in by telephone from near Vandalia. "People are kind of pessimistic." Nationally, almost 40 percent of agricultural land is oakley pro m experiencing at least a severe drought, which makes the 2012 drought more extensive than any other since the 1950s, according to the USDA. Illinois Climatologist Jim Angel said July's heat and lack of rain could make this drought its worst on record, especially because all across the state, farmers' soil is showing signs of having very little moisture, something essential for plant health ray ban outlet online. "In a normal season we rely on soil moisture to get you through August, but we don't have that," Angel said. Less corn production usually means higher food prices, according oakley sunglasses cheap to the USDA, though the full effect of a sparse corn harvest wouldn't move through to grocery stores until at least 10 months from now. But grocery shoppers could see the price of chicken or eggs and other meats increase sooner than that, since farmers often scale back on their livestock when the cost of corn feed is high, which can happen when corn production is low, Nafziger said. Still, some say there's room for optimism. Angel said long-term forecasts wholesale oakley sunglasses show an increased chance of above-normal precipitation and more normal temperatures over the next two weeks. The heat and dry weather looks to be shifting to the west, maybe making the Midwest a little wetter and milder, Angel said.


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Local officials raised the death toll

Evacuation orders issued a day earlier oakley photochromic for a quarter of a million people were lifted in most areas Sunday as the rains subsided, allowing many people to return home. But thousands remained cut off by landslides or fallen trees that blocked roads in mountainous areas. More than 3,000 people were left stranded in Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture in southwestern Japan, where roads were cut off to seven districts, the Kyodo news agency reported, citing local authorities. The Japanese military airlifted food by helicopters Discount Oakley womens sunglasses 865 discount sale for men and women LUYU0364 to stranded districts. Local officials raised the death toll from the torrential rains in the northern parts of the Kyushu region to 26 and six people remain missing in Kumamoto, Oita and Fukuoka prefectures, Kyodo reported. Most of the victims were in their 70s and 80s. In Yame, a 70-year-old man died after being caught in a landslide, while another man died in Yanagawa, also in Fukuoka, after being retrieved from a cheap oakley sunglasses for sale discount oakley-169 car at an irrigation channel floodgate, according to local authorities, Kyodo reported. In Kyoto Prefecture, in western Japan, heavy rainfall of up to 3.5 inches (90 millimeters) per hour flooded around 100 houses each in Kameoka and Kyoto oakley sunglasses new, Japan's old capital, Kyodo reported. The Japan Meteorological Agency said that the worst was over, but predicted more rain and thunderstorms in some areas through Monday. http://www.sunglassesshop-buy.com/


It’s a really interesting mystery

By January 2010, however, nearly all infrared light from the dusty disk had vanished. “We had never seen anything like this before,” says astronomer Carl Melis of the University of California, San Diego. “We were all scratching our heads and wondering oakley sunglasses clearance what the hell did we do wrong?” But subsequent observations with both infrared satellites and ground-based telescopes confirmed the surprising discovery, he says: “The disk was gone.” Melis and his colleagues report the mystery online today in Nature — but they don’t know what caused it. “It’s very bizarre,” he says. “Nothing like this was ever predicted.” He says there’s no way something could eclipse the infrared-emitting disk for more than 2 years, because such an object would be immense. Furthermore, the star itself didn’t fade. Melis speculates that an earlier collision between two objects — perhaps two boulders, two asteroids, or even two planets — orbiting the star produced the dust grains that emitted the infrared light. Then either the star’s light blew the dust out of the planetary system or the dust plunged into the star. “It’s a really interesting mystery,” says astronomer Scott Kenyon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who was not affiliated with the discovery team. “The observations certainly seem correct. It’s sort of amazing to have the dust in one of these disks go away so quickly. It’s hard to know exactly what happened.” “This is a whole new insight into the violent processes Mac foundation like the ones that formed the moon and that must be going on where terrestrial planets are forming and first evolving in other planetary systems,” adds astronomer George Rieke of the University of Arizona in Tucson. Rieke says the discovery shows what happens after members of a nascent planetary system collide. His team has recently found milder infrared dimming in two somewhat older stars, indicating that similar events may be occurring there. The discovery may offer clues to the violence that surrounded the formation of Earth. In particular, Earth is the only known terrestrial planet with a large moon, whose tides may have helped life advance by pushing it from sea to land; but no one knows how many Earthlike planets sport large satellites. The moon arose when a Mars-sized object hit our planet, a collision that presumably spewed lots of dust into space. The new observations suggest this dust could have disappeared fast. However, with only one dust-vanishing event ever seen, Melis doesn’t know how common the phenomenon is. So his team plans to monitor not only this star but also others like it. “We have to wait and see if we ever catch another one,” he says.


The lawsuit says Berdon LLP took 22% of the Last Girl

The singer is seeking damages against ray ban sunglasses prices New York-based Berdon LLP and two of its staff, who have left the firm. She blames them for poor book-keeping, a failure to recommend she cut back on expenses when her tour in 2009 was losing money and an ongoing audit by the US tax authority. The case was filed under Rihanna's real name Robyn Fenty at a New York court. The singer, who headlined Radio 1's Hackney Weekend last month, is claiming her former accountancy firm earned large commissions from concert tours that resulted in her losing millions of dollars. The lawsuit says Berdon LLP took 22% of oakey the Last Girl on Earth tour's total revenues while paying Rihanna 6%. Rihanna's lawyers also blame the accounting company for an ongoing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit of her tax returns and for not making sure she was being paid song royalties properly. The lawsuit claims that since the 24-year-old fired the accountancy firm, her earnings have increased. The singer says she hired Berdon LLP in 2005 when she was a 16-year-old from Barbados launching her career. Ron Storch, a partner at Berdon LLP mac makeup pictures, said the company could not comment on the court case.


Turkey reinforced border areas with rocket-launchers

In an interview with Turkey's Cumhuriyet rayban sunglasses newspaper, he argues that the plane was flying in an area previously used by Israel's air force. The plane went down in the Mediterranean last month and the two pilots have not been found. The incident has heightened tensions between the two countries. Last week, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Syria's action and described the neighbouring country as a "clear and present threat sunglasses 2012". Turkey reinforced border areas with rocket-launchers and anti-aircraft guns. On Sunday, Turkey said it had scrambled six F-16 fighter jets when Syrian helicopters had approached the border. "We will not allow (the shooting down) to turn into open combat between the two countries," President Assad is quoted as saying. Cumhuriyet, which published the interview on Tuesday, does not indicate when it took place but shows a picture of Mr Assad standing beside its Ankara bureau chief Utku Cakirozer. In other developments, Turkish media reported late on Monday that cheap makeup online another 85 Syrian soldiers, including 14 senior officers, had defected across the Turkish border. It is one of the biggest groups of army defections since the March 2011 uprising in Syria began. Syria has been accused of practising a widespread policy of state-sanctioned torture, in a Human Rights Watch report . The group says it has identified at least 27 detention centres across Syria. UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has said that both Syrian government forces and the opposition have been involved in operations that harmed civilians pigment eyeshadow. She has appealed for further militarisation of the conflict to be avoided at all costs.